Many of us believe that Trusts are only for the wealthy or those with complex circumstances. However, Trusts can be extremely useful in many other circumstances. They are often essential in protecting your estate after your death for future generations.

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Our Approach to Trusts and Estate Planning 

Trusts can be complex or straightforward. At Brumell & Sample, we listen to your needs and provide you with a number of options that are suitable for your circumstances.  The law relating to Trusts can change frequently, from a change in tax laws to developing case law.  We are specialists in the area of trusts and can advise you in a coherent manner relating to both setting up a new trust, or advice relating to an existing trust.  

Why Should I make a Trust?

Trusts are primarily established to protect your estate for future generations.  Have you already provided for your children and would now like to benefit your grandchildren? Are you concerned about your spouse remarrying after your death?  What if they die without a will and most of your estate passes to their new spouse?  This does happen. 

Other reasons include: 

  • To protect family assets, such as property, from the divorce or bankruptcy of your children or grandchildren;
  • For family succession i.e. if bypassing your adult children to ensure the estate is used for the education or benefit of your grandchildren;
  • When someone is too young to manage their affairs;
  • When a relative is disabled or incapable of managing their affairs;
  • Protecting the means-tested benefits of a loved one, who may otherwise inherit a lump sum from your estate. 
  • Protecting your estate from care home fees; 
  • Inheritance Tax planning – see here for more information; and
  • Flexibility – the circumstances of your beneficiaries might change in the future, by setting up a trust, you can ringfence your assets and appoint Trustees to manage those assets and appoint funds out to chosen individuals, after your death. 

Next Steps

We will be happy to discuss this and any other matters with you.  The first step is to contact one of our highly experienced and specialised team on 01670 512 336 or email to find out how we can help you make a Trust.