Refinancing or Restructuring a business

When starting a business it is important to consider the legal structures available and ensure you adopt the legal structure that is most appropriate to your needs and those of your business.  You may already be a business or be involved in a business that needs to consider a change in its legal structure for any number of reasons.  It is essential then to obtain good quality legal and commercial advice about the legal structures available and their implementation.

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Legal Structures

Common structures include:

  • Sole Trader
  • Unincorporated Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Limited Company

The structure you adopt may affect your liabilities as an individual and those of your business should things not go as planned.  There may also be tax implications, and you may have to consider matters relating to the assets owned and used, and property owned, used or occupied by your business.

Brumell and Sample can advise you on the structures available to you and, alongside your accountants and tax advisors, which will be most suitable for the requirements of your business.  We can also advise and assist with the practicalities of implementing your chosen legal structure and we can involve company formation agents and others where necessary.


We are experienced in and able to advise you in connection with the legal aspects of your funding needs, whether that be:

  • real estate / development finance;
  • acquisition finance;
  • term loans and working capital facilities;
  • security arrangements, including legal charges/mortgages, debentures / floating charges, personal guarantees and third-party security; and
  • deeds of priority and intercreditor arrangements.

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