Commercial Contracts

Throughout the lifetime or your business, you and it are likely to enter into many contracts, all of differing types and degrees of importance.  Whilst they will all vary in size and importance to you and your business, it is always important to make sure that the legal provisions are correct and appropriate.

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It is important that you are fully aware of the obligations being placed upon you and your business by any contract, any onerous or potentially adverse terms within the contract and any liabilities that will or may be imposed on you and your business.

Obtaining appropriate and experienced legal advice when proposing to enter into a contract can ensure that you enter into a contract with your ‘eyes wide open’.  It may also give you an opportunity to seek to negotiate amendments to provisions that you consider do not reflect the agreed commercial terms or that you otherwise consider onerous or adverse.

We can advise you on the terms of contracts that you or your business are proposing to enter into and can seek to negotiate amendments as necessary.  We can also draft bespoke contracts where you require it. 

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