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As solicitors, we deal with the legal formalities of transferring property, whether by sale, purchase or lease, and act in connection with:


If you are thinking of selling your property, you need to satisfy the buyer that you own it and provide certain information about it. On receipt of the title documents, we draft a contract and send it to the buyer's solicitors for approval. Once agreed each party signs one part of the contract and the parts are exchanged and a deposit paid to commit the parties to the transaction. The balance of the purchase price is paid and the keys are handed over on the completion date set out in the contract. Following completion, we repay any mortgage secured on the property from the proceeds of sale.


If you are buying a property (whether selling at the same time or not) we will investigate the seller's title to make sure he has the right to sell and that there are no restrictions which would adversely affect your enjoyment of it. We will also search the records of the local authorities (and others, such as The Coal Authority, where appropriate) to check that nothing untoward is planned for the property or the surrounding area. The procedure on exchange of contracts and completion is the same as for a sale (see above).

If you are borrowing some of the purchase price on mortgage, we will usually be instructed to act for the lender as well.

Following completion we will register your title at the Land Registry and are happy to retain for you — free of charge — any deeds or documents not required by your lender.


If the title to the house you are selling or buying is leasehold the procedure is the same as outlined above save that the lease itself will contain the rights, restrictions and other obligations affecting the property and we will advise you fully as to the terms of the lease.

We also deal with leases of commercial properties whether you own the freehold (the landlord) and wish to grant a lease to a tenant or whether you (the tenant) are proposing to take a lease.


If you are buying or selling a house and would like a quotation, please complete the form above. For all other services, please contact us directly.