Brumell & Sample Solicitors - Est. 1770

Detailed History of Brumell & Sample

Francis Brumell, 1859-1922 Francis Brumell

Harold Ward Sample, 1864-1928 Harold Ward Sample

James Bertram Annett James Bertram Annett

Brumell & Sample has a long and distinguished history. Below are some of the key milestones in that history.

1770 Edward Lawson commences practice in Morpeth.
1799 Edward Lawson was joined in partnership by Henry Brumell and so continued until Edward Lawson's death.
1832 Henry Brumell was joined in the business by his second son, George Brumell, and so continued until his father's death.
1847 George Brumell was joined in the business by his youngest brother, Francis Brumell.
1888 George Brumell died and his eldest son, also named George, joined his uncle, Francis.
1899 Francis Brumell died and was succeeded by his son, Francis, who continued in partnership with George Brumell, his cousin.
1900 George Brumell died and Francis Brumell was joined by Harold Ward Sample. The firm became known as Brumell and Sample, the name it has retained ever since.
1922 Francis Brumell died and was succeeded by Edward Challoner Jackson (Town Clerk of Morpeth) who continued in partnership with Harold Ward Sample until the latter's death.
1929 Harold Ward Sample died and James Bertram Annett joined the firm and continued in partnership with Edward Challoner Jackson.
1951 Edward Challoner Jackson retired from the firm and James Bertram Annett took into partnership Stanley Rutherford (Town Clerk of Morpeth).
1961 James Bertram Annett and Stanley Rutherford took into partnership Allon Nesbit Smith.
1964 Stanley Rutherford died and James Bertram Annett and Allon Nesbit Smith took into partnership Thomas Henry Horne and Bernard Dick.
1969 James Bertram Annett died.
1975 Allon Nesbit Smith, Thomas Henry Horne and Bernard Dick took into partnership Michael Abbott Gaunt.
1984 Allon Nesbit Smith retired from the firm. The firms of Brumell & Sample and Charles Alderson & Son (formerly of 57 Bridge Street, Morpeth) amalgamated. The Partners of Brumell & Sample — Thomas Henry Horne, Bernard Dick and Michael Abbott Gaunt — were joined by Noel Dick, the brother of Bernard Dick.
1988 Noel Dick retired from the firm.
1989 Bernard Dick died.
Thomas Henry Horne and Michael Abbott Gaunt continue in partnership up to the present time.
2007 Kristian Leif Andersen joined the firm as an Associate Solicitor.

Today, Brumell & Sample is one of the most well known firms in Northumberland offering an independent and experienced service to all sections of the community, often acting as family solicitors from one generation to the next. We aim to provide a high level of friendly service and personal commitment by partners and staff. Our traditional approach is supported by the use of modern technology.